7. février 2014 – 05:42 | Commentaires fermés

Il arrive très souvent quand on décide de se monter un système indoor, qu’on se retrouve à acheter un tas de choses au grow dont finalement on n’aura pas besoin ou …

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Northern Light x Big Bud | World of Seeds

5. mars 2011 – 23:23 | Commentaires fermés

Nous avons commencé la culture par la germination de 12 graines. Après un peu plus de S semaines de croissance, nous avons eu SS boutures.
En 10 jours, toutes les boutures avaient des racines et nous …

Strain Hunters India Expedition

8. octobre 2010 – 10:37 | Commentaires fermés

Strain Hunters are people that can’t sit still for too long. After completing the Malawi expedition in 2008, Arjan and myself began to think about the next mission. We had many destinations in mind, because …

Strain Hunters Africa Expedition

8. octobre 2010 – 10:31 | Commentaires fermés

Our planet is home to millions of species of animal and plants with their own habitat, and each plays a unique role in the perfect design of nature. Unfortunately many species of plants and animals …

Northern Light x Big Bud – World of Seeds – Cannabis Seeds

7. septembre 2010 – 18:09 | Commentaires fermés

We began growth by successfully germinating 12 seeds. After a little over five weeks’ growth, we had 55 cuttings. In ten days, all the cuttings
had taken root and we selected the most homogenous to fill …

Amnesia – World of Seeds

24. août 2010 – 08:38 | Commentaires fermés

A polyhybrid plant created from different crosses and morphologies that give her multiple characteristics. The pollen¬receiving female is a Thai landrace stabilized in greenhouses under conditions that imitate typical photoperiods for our climes, which is …

New York Special – World of Seeds – The legend collection

24. août 2010 – 08:02 | Commentaires fermés

Surprising genetics judging by her power and strength, this strain was created on the genetic basis of the famous New York Diesel line and carefully worked using specific clones for its feminisation in controlled conditions.
Her …

Northern Light x Big Bud – World of Seeds – The medical collection

24. août 2010 – 07:53 | Commentaires fermés

A hybrid of the indica genotype of great hybrid vigour. Her genetics are based on the direct crossing of a Northern Light feminised male with a female with high yield and high reproductive capacity due …


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