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Perplex ® Indoor and Greenhouse

Perplex is an extremely homogenous variety, which means that it is hard to distinguish between buds grown from seed or clones. Hints of…
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Jorge Cervantes and Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is pleased to work togeth­er with Jorge Cervantes in a mutual project: « Jorge ‘s Diamonds ». The many growbooks, DVD’s and articles…
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Jorge’s Diamonds #1 from Dutch Passion –

Jorge’s Diamonds #1 is the result of a conjoint strain project by Dutch Passion and Jorge Cervantes, author of many popular cannabis cultivation…
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SnowBud – Dutch Passion

The majority of strains developed by seed companies are selected and grown at low altitude. Strains from low lying areas don’t respond brilliantly…
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Strawberry Cough | Dutch Passion

Deux plantes mères ont été cultivées à partir de 2 graines de Strawberry Cough (féminisées). Chacune des mères a donné le même nombre…
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Frisian Dew ® (Outdoor & Greenhouse)

Frisian Dew is a cross between Super Skunk female x Purple Star male that took three years of selection from clones. Dutch Passion…
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Dutch Passion – Blue Moonshine a very charismatic and rewarding strain

Blue Moonshine, the fifth member of the legendary „Blue Family », was made available as a feminised strain as well by Dutch Passion in…
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Strawberry Cough – Dutch Passion – Strawberry Cough is very intense

From x2 (feminized) Strawberry Cough seeds, x2 mother plants were grown. Each mother gave the same amount of clones. The clones were rooted…
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Frisian Dew from Dutch Passion – Another outdoor champion strain

look the site (lien visible seulement aux utilisateurs enregistrés) Back then the whole story of Dutch Passion began with a couple of outdoor…
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Ortega Indica – Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion considers Ortega Indica to be a medicinal strain of cannabis. Ortega Indica is a hybrid of Northern Lights #1 and another…
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La Lybella – Dutch Passion

The La Lybella strain is 90% Sativa. Hei characteristics represent a very desirable addition to our collection. La Lybella is an open plant…
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