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Killing Spider Mites – Questions to Jorge Cervantes

I need to know about rotenone and pyrethrum sprays. What the hell is it with the spider mites? They seem to begetting worse.…
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Transplanting Hydro to Soil – Questions to Jorge Cervantes

I recently purchased a clone machine, fully equipped including net baskets. After the clone has rooted, how do you remove the clone and…
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A Friend Told Me To … – Questions to Jorge Cervantes

I am growing indoors for the first time. I have few good plants about a month old. A friend told me to cut…
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Grow Cabinet – Questions to Jorge Cervantes

I want to grow in my closet and I have been reading everything there is to read about growing for quite some time.…
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Pruning – Questions to Jorge Cervantes

Does it slow down the plant by topping the main bud? Does it affect other buds and knock them back from their full…
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