The 2010 strains from the Ministry of Cannabis


Ministry of Cannabis is one of the more interesting companies to have emerged from the Dutch scene in the last few years. We chatted with the company manager, Saskia, to get to know more about their future 2010 project, and it’s exciting news.

« The catalogue of 2010 is extremely important for us, » explains Saskia, « because for the first time we have taken the regular seeds out of our collection and we have decided to produce and promote only feminized seeds ». She explained how they have gained the knowledge necessary to ensure that every harvest contains only pure feminized seeds. She reveals that not only are the seeds carefully selected and tested regularly, but also that they give customers’ feedback great consideration. « We couldn’t have reached this level of excellence without the help and feedback of our customers, » says Saskia.

We asked her about the 2010 catalog and the smile on her face grows. « We have worked hard to be ready for the beginning of 2010, but we want to be sure that when we introduce a new strain, it is something special. »

Ministry of Cannabis will introduce three new feminized strains. The first one will be a Skunk, a really early-finishing one, selected from the best clones of Skunk in Amsterdam. The second will be a Sativa-dominant, extra loaded with THC and with a decent flowering time for a Sativa. The third one will be a cross between a super Sativa and a powerful white strain. « We know already the names, but we prefer to keep them to ourselves for a little while, » laughs Saskia.

The last step for the 2010 at the Ministry will be the introduction of a second generation of auto-flowering strains, that will replace the actual Little Devil and Little Angel. « These strains are not entirely new, but we have selected new fathers for them, that made them a little bit bigger, but also more stable and productive, » says Saskia. « For this reason, we have selected new names that are reminiscent the old ones ».

We can’t wait for next January so we can lay our hand on these new strains and with a little bit of luck, we’ll try them too!

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