Dutch Passion – Blue Moonshine a very charismatic and rewarding strain


Blue Moonshine, the fifth member of the legendary „Blue Family”, was made available as a feminised strain as well by Dutch Passion in 2008. German master grower Rocky Resin put it to the test…

The Blue Family, a highly individual and charismatic cannabis gene pool, was created from different landraces and refined by Canadian breeder DJ Short in the 80s and 90s. Blueberry and Flo are the most well-known Blue Family members, the other siblings are Blue Velvet, Purple Passion and Blue Heaven. The Blue Family strains were introduced to the European market by Dutch Passion in 1998, under cooperation with DJ Short. The Blue Family’s genetics are based on Oaxacan Gold (a legendary Mexican sativa strain), two Thai landraces (Highland Thai and Chocolate Thai) and an Afghani indica. From this gene pool of pure landraces, DJ Short bred the various Blue Family strains, giving every single strain a different genetic accentuation. Flo for example is genetically mostly influenced by Oaxacan Sativa, while Blue Moonshine has the highest share of Afghani indica (90% indica). Blue Moonshine originated in the early 1990s. Despite its indica dominant pedigree, she isn’t a strong yielder, only delivering a moderate yield – according to Dutch Passion. So it’s not a commercial strain, but a quality strain, true cannasseur’s delight. Blue Moonshine is pretty damn strong, super potent, thanks to its heavily trichome-coated buds. Dutch Passion praises it as a true “hash plant”. Also characteristic for Blue Moonshine is the long lasting narcotic body high. When there’s talk of “hash plant”, infamous resin expert Rocky Resin always pricks his ears, and Blue Moonshine fell on fertile ground in his indoor garden. After he had received a bag of feminised Blue Moonshine seeds (10 seeds), he didn’t waste time and germinated six seeds, each in a separate one litre pot filled with

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