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This Nepalese Dragon is a great strain. I’ve grown these seeds in the summer 2008 outdoor and it was my first suc¬cessful attempt to get perfectly mature bud in outdoor (in northern Europe). I wanted to try it again in indoor and it was a good choice. The plants stay pretty short (80-90 cm) and compact. I vegetate them 30 days to get this size. The start to show the sex alter 6 days of flowering. The flowering started slow but it accelerated alter 3 weeks, so that the total flowering period was just a lit¬tle more than 8 weeks. Each plant of the 4 that I have was covered with buds from bottom to top, and the buds where covered with crystals. The fan leaves are also covered with crystals, that suggest me that some white strain has been used to make this Nepalese Dragon. They also have dark green leaves, heritage of their Nepalese genes. The high was great since the very first hit, alter just a few days hanging to dry. The taste was initially very harsh, but it clears up in a few weeks. After 3 weeks the taste was muck soft and well balanced, and notes of fruit appears in the aftertaste. The final result was 340 g. For 4 plants, absolutely not bad, for a strain that is really different from everything else that I have tried.

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Environment: grow room
Method: 4 individual plants
Medium: soll (Canna Professional +)
Nutrient: Biocanna
Growing Time: 30 days
Flowering Time: 57 days
Plant Structure: hybrid, medium size
Bud Structure: compact, heavy
Scent: earthy with note of fruit
Effect: heavily regenerating
Yield: more than average

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