Carnival Ministry of Cannabis – Grow Report. I got these seeds from an cannabis seed Shop and planted 3 of them


Grow Report. I got these seeds from an online Shop and planted 3 of them. 100% germination in water after 30 hours, I then planted them in soil where they sprouted after 3 days. This strain grows really fast and develops long, fat leaves, with real consistency, making you think that you’re dealing with an Indica rather than a hybrid Sativa dominant.
However, the Sativa traits become dominant after a few weeks. The growing phase was really fast, I planned to grow them for 30- 35 days, but then decided to switch from 18/6 to 12/12 after only 25 days, because I needed to keep the general height under a metre. At the change over from vegetation to flowering, I gave them one full day of darkness, as suggested by the guys at the Ministry of Cannabis, so that the plants started to flower faster. I saw the first few pistils after 2 days, and the real flowering was completely visible on all 3 after 8 days. Until that point, the plants required moderate amounts of fertilizer, but after a couple of weeks of flowering, they started to use enormous amounts of it, especially phosphorus. During this stage, I pruned the upper part of each plant, preparing the rest for the final stage. The buds grew very quickly until about the 5th week of flowering. At this stage a huge bud formed on the main stem and another 10 around that, making a lovely cola.
The plant used the final weeks to ripen the buds, which became really heavy. At this stage (around day 39 of flowering) I had to introduce a system of strings to support the lateral branches. I harvested the 3 ladies together after 61 days of flowering, a couple of days early, maybe because of the high temperature of my room at that point (it could get as high as 33 Celsius on a daily basis). Cured and dried for 20 days in a small room, then another 15 days in glass jars before testing. The smoke was intense but well-balanced and the first impressions are of berries, preparing your mouth for a long citrus aftertaste.
Final impression: One of the best herbs I’ve euer smoked and I got it in less than 3 months with no particular difficulty growing it. I strongly recommended this strain to all my friends! Feminised and Normal.

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