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Grow Report. I got 2 bags of Kandahar in September in combination with the cooltube that I have just installed in my DarkRoom cupboard. I germinated 10 seeds and after 5 days I got 10 little plants. I planned to grow 6 of them, so I gave the other 4 to my sister-in-law. After a few days I put the 6 sisters into big pots of about 9 litres, and started to fertilize them directly with Biocanna Terra Vega, this time skipping a root stimulator. This plant is an authentic super Indica strain and produces the fattest leaves I’ve euer touched. I was already excited at this stage just thinking about all the sugar in the big leaves, which would soon become the bricks for building fat heavy buds. In less than 4 weeks the plants were ready to flower, so I switched to 12/12. The first pistils appeared after 12 days, and the first resin crystals after 19 days. After that, the flowering accelerated and the little buds were covered in resin by the 4th week. After the first month, the flowering process became more regular and the growth and ripening of the buds progressed at a much more regular rhythm. I cut them on day 59, when about 60% of the pistils were brown. I like (and this is my personal opinion) to harvest Indicas a few days early, so the effect is less lethargic. In any case, I started to smoke it after 5 days, and the effect was similar to drinking a young wine. When it’s properly dried and cured, after a month this strain comes into its own. I don’t recommend it to inexperienced smokers, because this is serious shit; I think the THC content is even higher than what the producer declared (or maybe I’m a great grower).
I found Kandahar’s aroma really nice, it’s an earthy, warm smoke with a walnut aftertaste. Despite cutting one or two or maybe even 3 buds along the way, I jumped with joy when it came to weighing my bumper crop (average yield was more than 80 g per plant). Feminised.

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